Food Photography With Your Phone
Would you like to grow your instagram account? Learn how to take drool-worthy pictures with your smartphone or even a simple camera! It's all about understanding the basics of lighting, positioning yourself and the food and learning to take great shots no frills.

Learn, explore and tell your food story right.


Advanced Food Photography
What makes a photo good? Lights? Camera? Backdrop? Taking great photographs of food is a hard earned skill but is easier to hone with the right guidance. At Wisk, learn to take creative still life photographs of food and essential tips on lighting, styling, props, editing and filters from the best in the industry.

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Learn, explore and unleash your inner chef.

Wisk’s Department of Food Media focuses on helping aspirants master the art of culinary-centric communication and marketing with our Food Media courses. Courses are taught by experienced professionals from respective fields who will teach you in depth what organic and the now trending food media is all about.

If you’re interested in developing various media skills like food photography, blogging or even restaurant reviewing our Food Media classes help you learn the nuances by sensitizing you to “what to look for”.

With the expertise of renowned industry professionals, our classes will help you master critical skills to leverage your business, including:

  • Food Photography with your phone and DSLR camera
  • Introduction to and Advanced Food Blogging
  • PR Skills in the Culinary World
  • Effective Food Marketing Skills

…and much more.

No matter what your skill levels and interests, our flexible courses are specially targeted to help students, bloggers, professionals and entrepreneurs to apply PR & Marketing skills that will enable your food brand or blog to thrive.


Intro To Food Blogging
How do you start a blog? What's your niche? Eating food and writing about it are two completely different things and starting a food blog requires a specific set of skills & startegy. Learn how to setup your blog, explore your niche and grow your network, from some of the best bloggers in the industry.
Advanced Food Blogging
Eat, click & get paid! How does that sound? Food blogging has made it big & is only growing. Learn what goes behind making a succesful blog and gain some insights on writing, photography, videography, audience engagement, blog style & a lot more straight from the best in industry.
Marketing For Food Business
Want your food brand to become a huge hit? Our course will make you an expert in food marketing and business. You’ll learn the critical professional, technical, commercial and analytical skills that will make your food business stand out amongst the competition and thrive.
Advanced Social Media
Social media platforms are a superb and tremendously powerful opportunities for food business owners to engage with their targeted audiences, comprising of thousands of potential customers. If leveraged properly, your social media can boost your business growth with compelling word-of-mouth testimonials, and this class teaches you advanced tools, techniques and analytics to rock your social media campaigns.
The Business Of Food Blogging
Without a strategic business plan, your blog will struggle to create profits; that’s why it’s critical to know how to monetize your food blog.This course teaches you concrete, effective strategies to leverage various monetization platforms that will skyrocket your business and maximise your blog’s revenue.
PR For Food Business
A successful food business relies heavily on media coverage, social media and consumer reviews; without effective PR, your business will slip into obscurity.This course will teach you effective PR and networking strategies for your food brand to help you gain visibility, make a lasting impression and become a popular stand-out in the culinary world.
Packaging For Profitability
Visual design and packaging is your strongest marketing vehicle for your food brand. If you want to be seen amongst the plethora of labels in the market, our course will show you how to formulate a well-defined brand identity that will appeal to your audience.

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